Our Purpose
We are too LIVE, to MOVE, and to BE in Christ!
Our Purpose is found in Acts 17:28 where Paul tells the people in Athens that the God he serves is already known by them.  Their power purpose stems from a verse in Acts 17:28, where Paul emphasizes that God is not distant but rather already known by us. The poets of Athens themselves acknowledged that "We are His offspring," validating our understanding that we are connected to God. Our ultimate mission is to Love God, Love Others, and Make Disciples. Every step we take is inspired by this purpose and mission. 
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The Place to Grow in Knowledge of Jesus and to find Friendship and Fellowship with others like you!

Our Church Believes that we grow best in our relationship with Jesus and each other when we get together in settings other than the morning worship service.  We provide opportunities for all ages to come together and study God's Word, learn to apply it, and then take it out into the world.  Come and see for yourself the different groups that we offer.

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Places where you can find fellowship and answers to today's tough questions.

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